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Friday, January 7, 2011

Back at it (Pirating)

After about a 3 year hiatus, I decided to go back to lowsec. First hunt, guy autopilots into a gate. What a moron! But do I want to blow most of my positive sec status on one shot? What the hell, why not? So I shot him.

Then I got tired of waiting and no traffic. So I scanned the system for anoms and such. 6/10 plex. Went for a ship to run it in, something nimble where I can get out quick. Gila. Ran first room, np. As soon as I land in second room and hit dscan, probes out, two different set. One German, one Russian. Warp out.

Returned in covops, cloaked, but the warp @ range function doesn't work with DED plexes, it put me at 0 on the gate, decloaked, with a sleipner right there. So I ran away a bit, cloaked and watched the gate.

Sleipner left system. Back into Gila, start running again. Sleipner is back, so I decided to watch for him and if he showed up (I was 30k+ away from warp-in point) I would warp out. Always aligned. He showed, I disengaged, checked alignment, and watched his velocity, if he tried to come for me I'd bolt. He disconnected or ninja logged.

Two minutes or so later, I've re-engaged the pirates and unknown to me, gotten closer to the warp-in. Here he comes again. Recall sentries, align to warp. Drat, scrammed. Launched hammerheads and started shooting him with missiles, but it was all over. Got my pod out though.

In station I'm staring at a PVP drake. HAM and buffer and MWD with a scram. PVE Gila didn't do well against sleipner, but the drake might. I had just built the drake a couple hours before. So, maiden voyage, back to the plex, and sure enough, the guy's sitting on my Gila wreck like some kind of hyena on a kill.

He isn't leaving. Not scared of a Drake. Five minutes later, I know why. Damn that sleipner's tough. Active tank, set of ecm drones won the fight for him. Broke my lock when we were both about 50% shields. I relock at 20% and he's back up to 90%. Game over.

Should have known that a 4+ y.o. character isn't going to have some lame fit on a commandship in lowsec. I wouldn't. I had a couple months character age on him too. Usually can do well based on skills, but when you're against another well skilled character, tactics win.