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Monday, September 27, 2010

Still searching

Trying to find the right fit can be hard. Primary difficulties are my schedule and my desire for a fun but serious group without too many restrictions and requirements.

I've moved out of the system where the pirate corp that I was looking at is based. They declined my application for the implied reason that I didn't have enough small group PVP experience. I would like to state that when my work cycle started, I had about 1100 points on their killboard. That score would have put me in fourth place - one place ahead of the recruitment officer - if I had been eligible to be listed. It's odd, I cut my teeth in lowsec for 18 months flying in small gangs. Since then, even when I was in large alliances, I almost always flew small gangs, since I didn't have the fleet ships trained. I have since trained those ships, and even trained caps, but I am most comfortable in small gangs.

So, that means that their letter was a polite dismissal for some other reason. Probably the fact that I haven't been flying for about a week. Due to my work schedule, I am gone for 8 days, followed by 6 days when I can play. I informed some of the members of that corp that I would be gone for a week, except logging in to change skills and market orders. Evidently they either are not flexible enough to live with that schedule, or they lack the internal communication to disseminate such information when provided by a recruit, or they had some issue with me personally and they're not able to be forthright with me about it.

So, regardless of their reason, they are not a good fit for me.

No hard feelings.

Cya in space...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Targets, and kills

Still trying out that new corp. A piratical bunch. Good natured internally. Tonight was fun, lots of chasing targets around, but we caught some. I started off flying a rifter, for the inexpensive nature of it, but soon switched to a Brutix since the targets were a bit larger than I wanted to fight in my rifter. Nothing wrong with losing the Rifter, but I think I'm going to work my way down to it.

Ninja Salvaging

1. The more targets, the harder it can be to sort through all the ships in the system when probing.
2. Not all mission runners are noob carebears. The very first that shot at me, re-shipped to a combat ship and then destroyed my nicely fit Brutix.
3. Use all your advantages. Don't forget that you have a second character logged on in system. Have it in a support ship and ready to fly.
4. Bookmark the mission rooms for salvaging later, if the target doesn't bite.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

On applying for a new corp

I sent in an email application to a corp that I'm interested in. Only the first one I messed up the email address. Oops, that took a day to notice. Now it looks like their recruitment department is out hunting targets or on a game break.

random acts of kindness

I mentioned in passing that I didn't have enough money to re-insure my clone. Primary drawback of almost 70mil SP is 13mil for a clone.

An old friend heard this and gave me enough ISK so that I can equip a cruiser and still have enough ISK in the bank to replace it and re-clone. That was an awesome thing to do and I haven't been the recipient of that kind of generosity since noob days.

Either way, if he gets caught by a gang that I'm in, I might still shoot him, but I'll also pay his ransom, as long as it's same order of magnitude of the ISK he gave me.

Thanks Darkstar

cya in space

Saturday, September 11, 2010

New gadget on blog, new goal.

Recently was asked for some short/mid term goals in Eve. I said destroy a billion isk and reach 10:1 Kill/Loss ratio. combat record for Xalorous shows 12 Billion destroyed (??) and an abysmal K/L ratio. So forget the isk destroyed. My new goal is 10:1 Kill/Loss ratio (K/L) before I reach 400 losses. A very difficult goal, lets see how close I can get.

204 Kills
136 Losses

Means I need about 3800 kills before I get 264 more losses, if it goes down to the wire or 1224 kills without a loss.

Whew! False alarm.

Old clone in completely different region. Intact, ready for training.

Oh, Damn!!! Welcome back, doh!

Break over.

Logged in. New direction in mind. Dangerous one. Need clean clone. Ahh, there's one. Jumped into it. Oh shit!!! Same station. Destroyed +4 training/missioning clone.

Doncha just love Eve sometimes?