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Monday, July 4, 2011

My 2 ISK...

Ok, so I held my piece during the controversy.

1. MT items - I was confident that they would not start selling magic bullets or "I win" ships. If they post them, I quit, too easy and too many people with that attitude. I think CCP get it. We, the veterans, have invested a significant amount of money (in the form of PLEX and monthly subscriptions) and time in this pasttime. Faster training for new accounts is one thing, but anything that allows someone to leapfrog training time for money is bad.
2. Expensive vanity items? Capitalism will work this out. If you don't want them item, don't buy it. Too easy.
3. Leaked internal stuff. I thought golden goose was added by irate fans, but I saw it in the leaked "Fearless" newsletter. Someone should probably tell CCP that subscribers might not like to be considered so. "But subscribers weren't meant to hear that," some might say. Well the rule in customer support is, "Always speak as if the customer is listening." This reinforces polite manners dealing with the customer, and ensures that any internal communications witnessed by the customer are not damaging to the relationship. Plus, "the EVE customer is a golden goose" attitude will develop into a corporate culture, if it has not already....and that's bad. "Customer satisfaction is our only goal...." or "A Happy Customer Will Continue Subscribing and Invite Friends" would be a much better attitude to build into their corporate culture.
4. Greed is good? Note the question mark, that simple character sets up that issue of the newsletter as a debate. The format of the page where microtransactions are discussed clearly lays it out as a pro/con discussion.
5. Can I Haz Ur Stuff? The ones who left will either return, or they won't.
6. Walking in Stations. 5 minutes of entertainment. I note that my usual way of doing business in station has not changed. If I'm in station for long, I can go stand someplace else with a different view. Be nice to have community areas and stuff, and the ability to decorate, but I think we'll see such things down the line. I would like the ability to spin my ship in the new hangar. And it would be nice if we turn off Captain's Quarters to see the old hangar. I'm confident that old-school spinning shall return.
7. Minimum requirements and multiboxing. CCP's stated minimum is one client with minimal settings. If you want to run more than one client or more than minimal settings you need a machine with greater than minimum requirements. I can run two clients and my machine is getting to the point where it barely meets minimums for some of the new games. Core 2 Duo, 4 GIG RAM, 9800 GTX+ with 1 gig is getting long in the tooth.
8. DIAF and such. Helicity wasn't permabanned for his out of context remark...not directly. He was permabanned for his reaction when they spoke to him later. The proper reaction would have been "I did not mean that literally, it is a figure of speech/'net meme."

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