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Saturday, March 13, 2010

a first step

It was really a coincidence. I signed up for the class a long time before I made the decision to re-learn Eve from a PVP perspective. The fun part is that taking the Agony Unleashed PVP University course PVP-Wolfpacks dovetailed with my new focus. The theory part of the course is behind us and we get practical experience in a roam tonight. I can already tell that the destroyers, though not as nimble as their frigate cousins, far outweigh them when it comes to firepower.

Like many others, I overlooked destroyers when I was striving to get into my first Moa. I had tried a destroyer for level 1 missions, but found that they were about 5 times as expensive as a frigate (before insurance) and I excelled in losing ships. Learning to make the frigates work for level 1's and later some level 2's was a valuable lesson. Focus on one type of tank always. Focus on one type of weapons, if possible. Loved the spunky Merlin, in spite of its multiple personality disorder. Big brother Hawk is my homage to the Merlin. Almost always have one in my Hangar.

Back to the dessy. No tank, all gank. Just a smidge of EWar. Yet with numbers, a formiddable fleet. Hit and run tactics or close range slug fests. Properly fit and flown, they are an excellent choice for a Hydra fleet.

So, what's a guy with umpty million skillpoints doing in a PVP class? I know how to fly, and I'm pretty good at fitting ships. I can fly in a fleet and even contribute. I just lack the mindset of knowing how to make best use of a group of ships. So, I guess it boils down to learning how to develop tactics and strategy. Best way for me to do that is to learn the standards first.

Cya in space ;-|

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