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Friday, March 12, 2010

Ok, so now what?

Well, I don't have the excuse of being a newbie any more. I have to own my noobishness now. You see, I've been at this, playing Eve Online, for going on four years now. I have two mains. Yeah, I think a 30 mil skill point character stops being an alt at some point. I have played and quit the game numerous times, though "quitting" was always more like hibernation. I kept skilling.

So, after almost 100 million skillpoints in four years, what have I learned about Eve Online?
  1. Focus is everything. My 30 million SP character is as devastating in PVP as my 60 million SP character, because he is more tightly focused.
  2. Skillpoints only gets you access to the equipment and gives you some bonuses. But a 50% boost of performance when the skill level is low, still won't get you the same performance as someone who is stretching their equipment.
  3. OCD and lack of focus led me to dabbling in depth. I've done a lot of a bunch of different little things, but I haven't mastered much.
So, here I am, with a new appreciation of making the most of what you have and realizing that I'm going to have to work hard to stretch the limits of my characters when they're both working on MAXIMIZING skill sets instead of just acquiring them. I'm actually looking forward to it.

Starting with T1 frigates and moving up from there. I plan to learn PVP. Until no-one will face me 1v1 without me spotting them.

Cya in space. (From now on, this friendly greeting will have a new meaning.)

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