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Saturday, October 9, 2010


Was trying to be a low/nullsec explorer. Active tanked Tengu with cloak and probe and heavy missiles. I was set up to do radar and combat sites. I felt confident of my abilities to explore in wormholes to find my way through to other areas of low/null. I found a combat site in lowsec called "Minor Blood Annex". It's minor, so I'll just go see what's there.

Landed to approximately 3 dozen Blood Raiders. 12 Battleships and support. Web/scram frigates. Heavy neuting. Long story short, Tengu lasted about 60 seconds. Active tank wouldn't work, no AB. Was able to kill one of the scrambling frigs but not the other.

Bought the hull when they were still 500mil. Approximately 200mil worth of subs. Maybe 50mil in mods and ammo. And about 37k in skill points.

Not my finest hour. Taking a couple of days to forget a bit...

Cya in space

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