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Monday, October 4, 2010

Are Those Pirates?

Xalorous was moving a ship, long boring trip through empire. So I logged in my other character. Hardly an alt. Fully skilled, separate account, blah blah.

Anyway, saw a guy comment in local that some 'nub' is can mining in belt one. Went off in my Domi to see. Sure enough, he's using a mining cruiser to mine into a can. So I see 20 or so wrecks in the belt. I start salvaging them for something to do.

As I work around, I see a new spawn. Pop drones, no more spawn. As I think about warning the noob that they're probably coming to flip his can, the same guy as made the comment earlier warps in. I deliver my warning, telling him not to shoot. Well the pirate sees my wrecks as a chance to can flip ME. Which he does. And I don't have a point.

So I talk to the guy in the mining cruiser and he DOES have a point. Pirate, who is in a Harpy, proceeds to take from the mining can as well. Mr. Mining Cruiser tackles the Harpy and I attack with drones. At which time Mr. Harpy attacks me.

Huh? Harpy vs. Domi. He can't think...

Oh, hell, he's got help.

Loki and Raven to be exact. They show up as I'm learning to use drones in PVP. He keeps shooting them. T2 Hobgoblins aint cheap.

So, I warn Mr. Mining Cruiser not to shoot Loki or Raven. Too late - he already aggressed. So I told him to bug out. Which he did.

So, Loki and Raven are remote repping Harpy. Harpy web scrammed me. He's killed about 6 small drones. I got more but they don't damage him fast enough to kill him before the reps cycle.

No way a Harpy is killing my Domi with 2 large reps and a ton of resists.


Except I have ECM drones on board (these jam their target). This would be the second time they've saved me, if they work. He managed to shoot two of them before I figured out the trick. Which is: pop em out, sic em on him, give them time to get a cycle off and call them back. Repeat.

Except I'm not getting a jam. Damn. Time to bring Xal back to help.

Except Xal is 18 jumps away (well, 6, but 18 including jumps to get a PVP ship) and can only do logistics by the time he gets here since Mr. Pirate's GCC (global criminal countdown) is almost gone at this point. I needed a Jam or big alpha (enough damage in one cycle to kill it before his incoming reps cycle) on the Harpy.

I keep checking change, Harpy is saving ammo, shooting about every 5 minutes or so. Scram on, web not.

So I told him in local, "Stalemate".

To which I got static in reply. As in nothing. Boooring. No tears without trash talk bud.

So I tried to jam him again. Woah it worked.

Quick warp!

Doh, my surprise made me wait too long. So I tried again but this time I clicked him, clicked station, popped drones, put mouse on 'Warp' icon, hit 'drones engage' key. Watched the point icon. Poof there it went. Recall drones. Warp, warp, warp.

I was free.

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