Battleclinic Stats

Monday, April 12, 2010


Ok, so my "ground up, PVP only lifestyle" has been more of a ground up "exploring sovereignty with a PVP oriented group (Agony Unleashed)" lifestyle. With the Infrastructure Hub (IH) technology added with the Sovereignty overhaul, we have been able to upgrade one of our systems to a high military level and have added a Pirate Detection Array. This has made ratting both simple and profitable. I spent quite a bit of time online last week, most of it running anomalies.

I look forward to spending some isk on some real combat ships and taking place in some ops where I stand a real chance of losing those ships. In line with my ground up approach, one of those ships will be a faction frig (Hookbill or another), others will include a couple of cruisers including a Moa and a Thorax. Finally, I will include a couple of Blackbirds so that I can prepare for using Falcons when my confidence level improves.


  1. You should train up for a Daredevil or Dramiel, both are some of the best looking faction frigates in the game :)

    Navy Comet is pretty nice as well, especially with the cop-like light on the top.

  2. I really like the Hookbill. I'll check out Dramiel and Daredevil for one where my skills match up.

    Damn they're expensive though.