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Saturday, April 17, 2010

PVP Quick Lesson 1

Rifter vs Shuttle

Huh? How is this even a fight? What possible lesson could you learn from killing a defenseless shuttle? Why even bother? Well, I warped to the gate, and as I landed I noticed a shuttle 15k off the gate. Red. I locked him and he locked back. As I'm turning on the mods, I wonder why he locked me. I finally decided he's either hardcore and pretending he had some modules to shoot back, or he was a real noob and didn't have 'lock back' turned off.

How was it a fight? Well, he had a friend. The Crow (and more later) came through from the other side of the gate and tackled me. I started calculating whether my insurance would cover replacing my ship. Just for practice I keyed the mic and reported in Vent. "Xal in [system name]. Crow on [gate name]. Crow is aggressed. Xal's tank holding but Crow's out of scram range."

A corp-mate in system showed up in a Sabre and the Crow burned away.

Two things struck me about this fight.
1. My Rifter actually survived. I attribute this to the fact that I kept my speed up so that his missiles did a reduced amount of damage. (AB on and set to approach him).
2. Crows don't like Sabres.

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