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Saturday, April 17, 2010

PVP Quick Lesson 2

Rifter vs Dramiel

Ok, this time I was on a gate and saw a flash. New neutral in local. He decloaks. Uhoh, it's a Dramiel and I was 20k off the gate and burning like crazy to get to it before he killed me. Ok, he's locking now, drones out. Locked, taking damage, pointed. Rifter's a goner, right? Oh hell, tank isn't on. DC on, small repper on. Ok, that's a bit better. 5k, 3k, spamming 'Jump' button. Whew, made it through. Warped away to stay away from the guy. Oh yeah, he aggressed and I got through. He has to wait a minute.

I reported this fight on Vent. The corp guys were eager to chase him down, but it was close to downtime and he was marking safes as he went, so time expired before we could catch him.

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